Thanks for doing such a great job with Xanti. She is gorgeous and has settled in well here. I look forward into sending you more dogs in the very near future for training. Thanks again!

(April 2001)



I cannot believe in only 12 weeks you got Ivett's BH and SchH1! Thanks for doing such a good job with her and for taking care of my girl while she was there. I will keep you updated on how the litter with her and Orbit goes. Can't thank you enough for arranging the breeding for me while she was there! Once again, you did a great job.

(September 2001)

To anyone looking for a German trainer for their dog’s, I highly recommend Jana for the job.

I traveled to Germany in April 2001 to meet her and bring over my young female Demi v. Falcon. I had never traveled abroad so it was a great adventure for me. I stayed with Jana and her family for 2 weeks while we traveled around Germany training dogs, visiting clubs, shows and breed surveys. Her training philosophy is very similar to my own so I knew I was leaving Demi in good hands.

Demi was just 15 months old when I brought her over to Jana with only minor foundation obedience commands taught motivationally and some tug work started. Demi was very green.

Within weeks Jana had Demi on the sleeve and was progressing quickly with her Obedience work. By May, Demi had obtained her AD and was nearly complete for her BH. Demi achieved her SchH I in early October at the age of only 20 months !!! That is unheard of here in the states. Needless to say I was extremely pleased. Not only did Demi achieve her title in such a short period of time, but she obtained very good scores.

If you want to contact me directly, ask Jana for my e-mail address and phone number.
(October 2001)

thanks to my friend Cindy Collis from Perth, Australia for taking these pics of Demi
during her visit to Germany in September 2001

The work you did on Idol was excellent. Once he has settled in he has not forgotten a thing. He did great at the Schutzhund Seminar we just had and was used as a demo dog on numerous occasions. When we go to club or even just out in public we get complemented on his wonderful control and obedience. I took him out last weekend and laid an FH track for him which he did with flying colors. Thank you for not only putting his BH, SchH1, 2, and 3 on him, but for actually TRAINING him. You did an excellent job as always.

(May 2002)

thanks to my friends Bernd Vogel and Farrah Hendricks for taking these pics of Idol

Jana trained and titled my Della von Bullinger for me, as I could not find adequate helper work to accomplish this task in the time that I needed Della finished. Jana's training was excellent, as Della's scores were very good, and she accomplished the titling within a reasonable amount of time.
I highly recommend Jana, and I'm sure I will be sending others to her.

Laurie Ceccarelli
Wilden Westen German Shepherds
Home of VA Jessie v. Blickfeuer SchH2
V1 Jezzi v. Mittelwest SchH3
(August 2002)

I met Jana in the States at a seminar. She helped me through some issues I was having with my then 15 month old female Ivana.
After a short period of time I had to make a decision on her titling. I contacted Jana for training as I knew I wasn't going to get it done in a timely manner and our local club had limited resources for helper work.

Jana did the job for me and I couldn't be more pleased. Ivana received her Sch1 titling and is doing great.
Jana also handled Ivana's breeding to Fritz vom Farbenspiel for me and I'm looking forward to this quality breeding I wouldn't of gotten without her help.

Thanks again, Jana.....Great Job!!

Emma Hamilton ~
Schatzkammer GSD (March 2003)

I would like to express my gratitude to Jana for the training, titling and showing of our young female, Xaviera vom Kloevensteener Forst.
I decided to send Xaveria to Jana due to the fact that I am working several young dogs, and trying to get my older dogs ready for big trials. I put the foundation on Xaviera, but, found that time restrictions were going to be a problem in titling her in a timely manner. I had been in contact with Jana for several months and decided that Xaviera would return to Germany for the remainder of her training. Jana was very open and honest with her training program, and this made me extremely pleased.. Xaviera was very comfortable with Jana from the first meeting, which is a key element in dog training.

Xaviera got her BH, AD, SchH1, and young dog show rating very quickly. Jana took Xaviera to the stud dog of my choice to be bred prior to being sent back to the USA. After getting a positive ultrasound, Xaviera came home, in great condition, to whelp 13 puppies. I was pleased to see that Xaviera was extremely responsive to the training that she received with Jana.

Xaviera, along our female Sira von Waterloo, will return to Jana to finish her titles, breed survey and adult show dog rating. I am very happy in saying that my friendship with Jana is very wonderful and open.. She is very honest and caring person and keeps me constantly updated with the progress of my dogs and also with any German Shepherd Dog news that may have an impact on my breeding/training program.
I am not going to hesitate in sending more dogs to Jana for the finishing of their titles.

Thank you, Jana!

Christi Lanckriet

Adel Haus German Shepherds
Colorado, USA
(March 2003)

pictures taken the afternoon we came back to Germany, after our 21-hour-trip from Denver to Frankfurt

more pics of Avery

Hi Jana,

I want to Thank you for your training knowledge and patience when training my female Vella for her Sch1.
I felt confident that you would get her Sch1 title, even when circumstances changed (heat cycle - new helper). I know she wasn’t your easiest dog to train, but you worked with her strengths and didn’t give up. Your frequent up-dates were also appreciated.

Also your help with training ideas on my other dogs here in the USA have been a great help too. Thank you for allowing me to bounce questions about ... well everything and anything... Your knowledge of dogs and training have helped me immensely! I can not thank you enough.... I appreciated your call when she passed her Sch1 title!

Your prices are very reasonable, your training methods are humane, and allowing Vella to be apart of your home life and receiving attention from your children was very comforting to hear. She was well cared for and wasn’t just in a kennel the whole time she was there.

All the paperwork was in order, she is everything you told me she was and more! We love her and everything about her!

I know thank you isn't enough... but I need to say it THANK YOU!

Cindy Clark and Family
Clarksburg German Shepherds
(July 2003)

Hallo Jana,
wir möchten uns für die Ausbildung unserer Taiga ganz herzlich bei Dir bedanken.
Man sieht, daß Du Dir viel Arbeit mit ihr gemacht hast. Sie sucht zuverlässig, läuft eine freudige und aufmerksame Unterordnung und überzeugt im Schutzdienst mit vollem Griff.
Jederzeit würden wir wieder einen Hund zur Ausbildung zu Dir bringen und über eine Weiterempfehlung unsererseits kannst du Dir sicher sein.
Schöne Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr wünschen dir.
Traute und Herwig Kruse
Zwinger vom Julianenweg
(December 2004)

Hello Jana
we would like to thank you for training our female Taiga.
One can tell you invested a lot of time and efforts in working her. She is reliable in tracking, her obedience is flashy with very good focus and she always has full grip in bitework.
At any time we would send another dog to you again and you can be sure to be recommended to our friends.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Traute and Herwig Kruse