in training at the moment:
BH SchH1 survey SchH2 SchH3
Becket xx xx xx xx xx
Donna   xx xx    
Franca   xx xx    
Henny xx xx xx    
Indra xx xx xx    
Inga xx xx xx    
Jeck xx xx xx xx xx
Neno xx xx xx    
who is trialing next?
(this is only what is planned for right now, it is not a guarantee that a dog will be done at a certain time; we do have openings for some trials already but for others, we are still on a waiting-list to participate.)

no trials scheduled currently

Franca   SchH1 early Sept
Becket   BH early Sept
Jeck   BH mid Sept
Inga   BH mid Sept
Indra   BH end Sept
Neno   BH end Sept