We are a dog-training-center, located half an hour south of Frankfurt/Main, Germany, offering various services from training to arranging breedings for both showline- and workingline GSD.

Training with a small team of professional handlers and helpers we are able to title your dog in a reasonable time and at a reasonable price.
If your dog already obtained a title and you want to add another one, we will be happy to help you.

I got involved into dogs in 1979 when I started walking our neighbours dogs and had to find a way they obeyed so I could walk them off-leash. Though I knew nothing about training-methods I used positive reward in form of treats and play when they did what I asked them to and it worked for all of them - mixes, GSD, Boxers, Doberman, St. Bernard's, Labradors.
In 1987 I got my first German Shepherd, Amsel, and got into Schutzhund-sports. Amsel was not handler-hard, she was sensitive and I learned a lot about training sensitive dogs until her titles were done. During the years I trained and titled all kind of dogs, sensitive as well as hard-headed ones, low- and high-driven ones.
In 2004 my friend Rosi joined the team as a constant trainer. She lives here in town and grew up with dogs. She has been training GSD, Rottweiler, Airedale Terriers and Giant Schnauzers since the 70s. Her first dog Jan vom Haus Baum passed his SchH3 over thirty times and also participated at various competitions. With her dog Django vom oberen Lechsee she also passed SchH3 over fourty times as well as the VDH- and SV regionals.

GSD are born to work and always willing to please, doesn't matter if they are out of German show- or workinglines. A well raised pup with a sound and stable character and normal drives furthered by its human will be able to pass its title. Training GSD is easy and possible without forcing the dog too much, just using their natural prey-and food-drives instead. As we are talking about living being and no machines, I can't guarantee how long it will take until your dog has earned the achieved titles but I can promise to do everything that it will be back home with you as soon as possible.

If you want to know which dogs I titled up to now click here and or see my references and photo-gallery.
To see which dogs Rosi titled, click here.

All the time I'm collecting points for my handling awards and earned

SV-handling-award in bronce 
SV handling-award in silver
SV handling-award in gold
SV handling-award, the big one

VDH handling-award in bronce
VDH handling-award in silver
VDH-handling-award in gold

What do I require?

  • your dog needs to be at least 15 months old when training is started
  • it needs to have a sound character, be good with kids and other dogs
  • to enter a dog in a SV-trial or show the dog needs to be tattooed
  • to enter a dog in a SV-trial or show the owner needs to be a member of SV or any other FCI-affiliated club
    (membership with SchUSA, WDA and DVG are recognized)
  • if you want your dog to be surveyed here as well it needs to a German a-stamp. Some European a-stampes are recognized by SV, OFA is not recognized;
    you can sent in xrays via the USCA (United Schutzhund Clubs of America) and ask for a German a-stamp or you can have me a-stamp your dog while it is here in Germany
I visit the States at least twice a year and friends of mine come to Germany frequently so usually I will try to arrange your dog being shipped as excess-baggage. If I can't work that out, it has to shipped as freight.

I'm looking forward to see your dog!

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